Uhm....KAWW uhm.......MEOW?! O.o




42 seconds of my life lost forever.



Ok then dont watch it? If you didnt enjoy it then you should’ve stopped before the 42 second were over. &&&& a few more seconds of your life were wasted posting comments.


I watched the entire 42 seconds because I had to wait for the meow, which you placed at the end of the video. I was looking forward to it.
I think I might watch the video in reverse to gain back lost time.


Have fun with that. hahatrollfail


Just wondering, are you the same person who made the video of throwing I think it was a Dv888 down the street? The road looks very similar.


DV888? No. Y factor, yes.


& before anyone send me more hate for that it had no to little vibe afterwords and I gave it a nice polish and took the dings out.


Found it lol, and I was just wondering. Do you still have the Y-Factor? One Drops sure can take a beating!


haha. & nah I traded it a while back. & dude they really can it’s ridiculous!:slight_smile:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #12

Completely unrelated question ,but how old do you and your friend happen to be?


6 1/2 yrs

(M.DeV1) #14

The hell did i just watch!?


Lol, I love the tags for the video… At the end.