U-turn Yoyo Trick Tutorial


Another original trick! Let me know what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t yet new stuff coming out soon! Also sorry for the poor editing haha, Enjoy really wanna hear your reactions. Also share to anyone who may like it or gain from it.
String: Yeti String
Yoyo: Sasquatch


Very nice! It’s funny, I made a trick called left turn a few months ago. (dont worry, they dont cross paths😛)What was the inspiration for the name and or trick?


Always have watched your vids. Learned alot off the fountain trick video. Cant wait to get off work and learn some of this. Man can you keep them coming? Would it be possible to make some videos on some tricks that are a little less complex?


Haha the inspiration for the name was towards the middle of the trick where the yoyo goes around the whole string formation, it looked like a u-turn to me. That is why I called i u-turn. May i ask why you called yours left turn?


Thank you for the support! As always share with anyone who may find this useful. Off course ill keep them coming with as many original tricks as I can. As far as less complex tricks i can see what I can find within my tricks to show off. Is there anyway i can make the tutorials easier and better for you to understand?


Its created by turning left while dismounting of a trapeze, making a 3d rectangle that extends towards me. (I usually start off in a wrist mount then pop off into the trapeze It has about 8 steps, but it was in my routine for my second yoyo contest, so I end up doing it a lot without thinking much about it.