U.S. South East Regional Yo-Yo Contest 2011


The South East Regional Yo-Yo Competition will be held in Market Square in Tallahassee, FL on December 3rd 2011! Come on out to Tallahasse and test your skills against the best yo-yo players in our part of the country.


There will be a ladder division, as well as multiple Freestyle Divisions. You will have an opportunity to compete in 1A, 2 handed*, 4A and 5A

*The 2 handed division will be based on number of competitors. If enough people register to have 2A separate from 3A, we will do it, but if only a few people register for each we will combine them. The winner will win a seed to the Division they used in their freestyle.


$5 per division you wish to register in

Please direct any questions you may have to me via PM, or you can e-mail me at maddoxd2@gmail.com

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the Contest!


Do you live in Tallahassee because I’m going to go. If you see a guy that’s name is CJ, that’s me. I’m entering ladder, and my friends are entering freestyle.


CJ, This is David :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you give a specific address, I might be able to go.


I really really wanted to go to this :frowning: I’ll be at the Florida State this year and Worlds of course, but I have a gig the same day, Saturday’s in December are never good for me, but good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to see video!


I’ll be there. Not competing this time but it’ll still be loads of fun. Hope to see you guys there.


Hey David, can you tell me who is sponsoring SER?


Sponsors are YoYoExpert, Duncan, C3 YoYo Design, String Theory, OneDropYoYos and YoYoGuy. As for a specific address, it is 1415 Timberlane Road, Tallahassee, FL 32308 (Lofty Pursuits)


I will be there. If you see a guy in an Ir Pad shirt. (a shirt with circle things on it)


Stoked, can’t wait to be there. Bringing yoyo and non yoyo friends, it’s going to be awesome.


Here are the results:


Martin, Jon 92.96
Gottschalk, Uri 88.81
Byers, Charlie 73.09
Joranlien, Daniel 70.02
Davis, Spencer 65.99
Franco, Chandler 61.65
Foley, Arthur 55.70
Moss, Brad 54.88
Moss, Tanner 50.73
Tetz, Drew 47.20
Atkinson, CJ 46.79
D’Arco, Sam 40.83
Shatter, Dennis 40.68
Shaw, Avery 39.42
Hirai, Riley 31.14
Pond, jarett 21.04
Hirai, Cameron 10.81

2 handed:

Kinder, Steven 97.33
D’Arco, Sam 50.77
Gottschalk, Uri 27.30
Baxter, Chance 17.09


Jon Martin 100.00
Foley, Arthur 25.70
Widener, Luke 16.40


Gottschalk, Uri 88.48
Tetx, Drew 85.19
Baxter, Chase 68.33
Atkinson, CJ 48.88
Foley, Arthur 29.56


Bennett, CJ 100.00
Riordan, Kris 27.24
Rozez, Andrew 4.67

Videos for the contest can be found at http://www.yo-yo.com/index.php/site/news/full/2732

Thanks to our sponsors: Duncan, C3YoYoDesign, Onedrop Yo-Yos, String Theory, YoYoGuy.com and YoYoExpert.com! We certainly could not have done it without your prize support.

Also, thanks to our judges Brandon Jackson, Randy Jansen, Steven Kinder, and Drew Tetz! We appreciate all of the help you guys gave to make the contest run smoothly


It was really fun and I got second in 2 handed


Had lots of fun there, can’t wait to FL states.


I know. I got 1st in Amatuer freestyle and Trick ladder.