tyye - The Addict

I made another artwork piece today. It is called “The Addict.” I hope you like it!

Not bad, not bad at all!

Wow, thanks!

wow…that’s really good i like how it all goes together.


Cool effects! Keep up the good work!

they look like fireworks i love it. i cant stand how cool the effects are!

Thanks, again! ;D

I think your pics are interesting, but they need to flow better. I personally think you need to find a way to make the yoyo flow better with your choice of backgrounds - which I like a lot. Otherwise, great job! Keep 'em coming!

I agree, but it’s still great!

blending modes are great! probably my favorite thing in all of photoshop!

Rsmod123, thank you, but I didn’t say I’m the wizard at it. Not being mean, but please don’t comment suggestions on my pictures. Every one I made. Please, could you refrain?

if you don’t like our constructive criticism, then state, “Please no constructive criticism, thank-you,” at the top of your posts. Then we won’t suggest improvements. But as we suggest things to you, it will just make you better.

I don’t see the problem. He is giving you constructive criticism and you should follow it. At least the part of cutting out the background of the yoyo. It shows that you’re not doing the largest of efforts to make this.

I totally agree with Pheenix on this matter.

I think this topic should be locked before it gets to out of hand.

We’re not even close to getting out of hand. It has been kept pretty polite if you ask me.

Okay, I’m sorry :-[