Two to choose from....

I’m going to put in an order sometime. I definitely want to get a Destiny. I’m stuck on a decision… G5 or Genesis. How do they compare to smoothness, grindability, and playability? Which do you prefer?

the genesis definitly. i have a genesis and a G5 and the genesis wins hands down in my opinon. it has alot more spin time while your yoyoing, the genesis will also be smoother than the g5 because the g5 has hubstacks and it has just the tiniest hint of vibe. if you like to grind then either one will do just fine, but if you do want to grind only get a solid color yoyo because the splash and speckle that other yoyos have on them can slow down the yoyo even more than just having it on your finger. if the hubstacks dont bother you and you want them then you can get the genesis plus or you can get the regular genesis. i prefer no hubstacks because of the slight vibe.

I like the genesis. More stable and z stacks suck.

z stacks are fun and exciting… for about 5 minutes. atleast that’s how it was with me.
I’d go with a genesis over a g5.
I might actually get a second genesis eventually to throw and not worry about dings and what not.
I have a mint joexann one signed by ann :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh dude thts the one I’m going for! (joe ann) There’s only 9 left in stock!

I know the only reason you want the G5 is for the stacks. But, if you really are super interested in stack tricks I suggest finding a Madhouse Epic, its what I use and all I really like to do are stack tricks. I’d actually love to eventually get a Genesis, solid color for grinds

So if you want stacks, save money and find an Epic. If you are interested in one, I know of a site that has 2 left in stock.

How does the G5 play without stack and just nubs?

woah, I didn’t know they had a new joexann genesis :o
I have one of the first run ones. (pink w/ blue splash as opposed to blue w/ pink splash)
I would definitely get the genesis then. it’s a great colorway :slight_smile: