Two Questions.

1)How do I do the trick “Magic” ?9Searched up and down but didn’t managed to find anything)

2)My F.A.S.T 401k’s Dials have cracked,and I don’t have the spare dials.Where can i get them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Do you mean Magic Drop maybe? If not, it’s probably a made-up trick that at this point has no tutorial.

  2. How did they crack? How long have you had it?

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1)Nevermind got it already

2)Its 2nd hand…I was kinda turning the dials then it cracked

I don’t know if Apetrunk might have a better solution for you? (Possible something like asking YYF about where to get some or something. But I found a store with some replacement dials. This is what it says “This is the replacement parts kit for the YoYoFactory 401SD.” I’ll PM you the link because it’s another store other than YYE.

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Thanks for your help,but those are the dials for the Velocity,401 SD and the speed dial.

The were sold at YYN,now they are discontinued and are at the response system section at the Discontinued Items area

And apparently I don’t have the package,which means i don’t have the extra dials it came with.

I would highly suggest talking to YYF (yoyofactoryben on the forums) to see if he can help you with it at all. He’s pretty nice, so it’d be cool if you didn’t try to take advantage of him and told him that you didn’t buy it new or anything.

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Awesome! Hehehe… :wink:

Ok then.


Will me living in Malaysia be a problem?

May or may not be a problem. You might end up just having to pay a little bit more for shipping if he can send you some dials. Who knows.

Okay.I’ll try.