Velocity broke, what do i do?

My friend bought a velocity less then a weekago, I was using it, and for fun i did a few loops, then all of a sudden, the the side cap fell out! the screws no longer stay in and the dial does not work! I do not know what to do, i feel REALLY bad, because he just started to yoyo, and i told him to get that yoyo. I payed him 15 out of the 25 because that is all i have, i promised him i would give him 10 more by monday, and i have him 10 custom strings that i bought off of someone on the forums. I contacted YYF and i am also wondering what they will say.
What should i do?

It sounds like the dial just wasn’t assembled correctly. From what I have heard, Velocities have a slightly bent metal ring inside the dials. If that ring flattens itself out the dial will come off. The first thing I would try would be to reassemble the dial and make sure that that ring is bent like it should be.

No it was bent, and we spent almost two hours trying to put it together. Nothing worked, eventually the cap just keeps popping off

maybe just wait for a reply from yoyo factory. they may give you a refund

guys this exact thing happend to my speed dial. all you have to do is send it in to yye and they fix it for FREE and send it back. its really cool. bad thing is they take like 2 weeks to fix it.

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this probably happened to alot of people the should refer to this