Two EPIC Tricks I Made : SWUSH & Triangle Droplets

Hey I decided to make two vids today of some tricks i created


Watch in 480p


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Triangle Droplets

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Triangle Droplets is really cool! I have a thing for repeaters, and I like the feel of that one. Very nice!

By the way… has anyone ever told you you’re a little… eccentric? lol

dude nice they both look kwl

what does eccentric mean ha

thanks alot man

I need creativity like you :X

Thankyou , that means so much

Just googled it , means Weird Strange and Bizzare haha lol , yah i guess you could say that , im just not boring , i like to have fun :slight_smile:

lol Well, in my mind, eccentric more means like… mad scientist crazy. A fun and cool kinda crazy. hahaha

haha well thankyou , ima take that as a compliment

Nice videos. I loved Triangle droplets. It was really really beast.

Dude that was awesome!!!

Triangle droplets looked cool, but I liked SWUSH too!

Finally , SWUSH is gettin some respect around here

triangle droplets stole the show

AHHHHHHHHHH *kneeslap, flipping sweet GOSH -.-

I like them both, though Triangle Droplets has a special place considering I love repeaters AND GT’s so… Triangle Droplets FTW!! Also, what song is used for Triangle Droplets?

Swush looks nice

awesome i loved both and i also like your SEVERE video “Get Down”