my EPIC trick

I don’t know if I posted this trick yet… please let me know what you guys think

Thats actually really legit. The sound of the stacks sounds painful though.


They are super loud when you catch it.

well, stacks are evil like that. i mean great trick. but, that sound nearly shattered my eardrums cuz i was skyping with SOMEBODY who had their mic to low…

Thanks for the compliments! I’m working on smoothing out a couple more “epic” tricks… I hope I can find time to film them though… :-\ are you guys interested in seeing more of these tricks?

That was truly EPIC. :wink:

Heck yes dude. That’s going in my “Learn” playlist. More!

I sighed at the use of the word EPIC until I realized that you were, in fact, actually using an EPIC.

That triangle is completely and utterly awesome. That’s the kind of stack tricks we need more of.

great tricks ;D

Cool tricks

good stuff

nice dude. and yes more

Nice GT!!

Thank-you! Getting that double GT is super tricky, I got lucky with this clip.

no luck involved, sir. Only skillz ;D

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Ahh the stacks! they burn!!!
good trick though.

Great trick man keep up the good work:{)


what yo-yo are u using?

Hahaha. :smiley: