Users of YYE Unite

I recently started streaming again at and was wondering if there were any streamers/ fans of game streams on YYE. I think it is fun to stream and for some games it adds some fun to the boring parts. Also thanks to Open broadcast software it is free and easy as long as you have good internet and a decent computer. So give it shot if you have a headset and some fun games to stream! Share your twitch channels here.

Yep! I go on Twitch daily! I’m a huge fan of the site. Mainly watch CoD, but I like to watch other games from time to time. I don’t stream though, just watch.

Kappa for life!

Just finished streaming a full hour of Trauma center complete with annoying voice over

My friend streams a lot at . Mostly league of legends stuff, and other mobas, and I que frequently when he is streaming under the name timmygobbles.

Pretty much use it exclusively to watch Dota 2, with the chat hidden.