I wanna make a tutorial series for simple tricks I make up, but I don’t have any filming equipment. I’ thinking of getting a black sheet for a backdrop and using a go-pro for the first person view. Is there anything else I need? Should I use a tripod instead of a go-pro? Any other suggestions?


I use a Tripod and a nice camera, but if you have a phone, you could probably just prop it up on a book or something like that. I did that before I had the camera’s to use. If you have somebody else there to help you, maybe you can have them hold the phone for you. That would make it easier.


Use a tripod. A first person view really doesn’t show the mechanics of a trick.

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If you are using a phone make sure you film in horizontal


Good lighting, a backdrop helps a lot but if you film in a dimly lit room then the backdrop doesn’t help.


I’ve filmed a few tutorials. While I didn’t have a black backdrop to work with, I found that using my DSLR camera with a narrow depth of field really helps as it gives a nice crisp image. Natural lighting seemed to have really good results too as well as wearing dark-colored clothing with minimal artwork on it.