Tutorials For Slow Learners Ep1

Good stuff. This trick was really easy to learn and I can’t wait to see more. I’m a pretty fast learner but the breakdown was very informative and to the point

Thanks! I’ve been getting some helpful feedback. I didn’t think about the white printing on my shirt, for example. Hopefully the next one will be better.

realy easy trick you can just do it in slow mo and it will be still easy
i hope for more tutorials soon


Very nice. Easy to follow, makes me want to learn it.


After you get into that fake-like GT and then pull the string out with your index finger, you say to give it a “pop” to get into the GT. Is this a pop straight up, a pop out like when you are getting out of the GT , or something else?

It’s more like a shake than a pop, really. At that point in the trick, you’re already in a GT, it’s just that the strings are pushed together so you have to give them a little encouragement to separate.

Thanks for the kind words, guys. More tricks are coming :slight_smile: