trouble with revolutions!?!?!?!?!

Hi i am past expert 1 now but therre was 1 trick that dumbfounded me it was revolutions.I looked at it thought it was as impossible as walking on the sun. So i tried it after 3 days I FINALY GOT IT. And After i got it down i did it and everytime it seems to die out within 5 spins. anything will help thanx.

P.S also i am having trouble with the dismount

if it spins out try to keep it straight and dont do it forever it will eventually spin out and for the dismount try to cross yor arms and stick you finger in the loop

ok ill try it thanx

i had the same proplem and still do so can someone post a link to a good slo-mo video

its not slow-mo but you can learn from it

I guess probably the most important thing you can do to lengthen your Revolutions is to line up your forearm so that it is basically exactly parallel to the trajectory of the yo-yo. It’s a very awkward motion to perfect, but just keep in mind to keep everything straight and you should see a steady improvement. Take some time to really study Gerard’s video ^ The closeup slomo shot at 1:15-1:32 was what really got it for me.