Trouble with my bearing


I have a yyj speeder 2 and I am having a big problem with my speed bearing. So a couple days ago, my yoyo was working fine and was unresponsive. But now I throw the yoyo down there is a louder screeching sound that just does not sound right. And when I pull the yoyo up, it is responsive. This is extremely annoying since most of my tricks are slacks, whips, suicides etc. please help


Are the shields on?  You may have to take them off and clean the bearing.

You most probably got junk in the bearing. :slight_smile:


thanks dude. but i am only 13 and my parents dont want to buy me mineral spirits or lighter fluid because they dont know how to dispose of it. any tips on how to persuade them to buy it?


How to dispose of it? Evaporation! (Cue choir of angels)

I’m 14, my dad’s fine with it. Are you responsible? Maybe you can do extra chores and ask them to buy it for you if you are in a good mood. :slight_smile:


alrite dude thnks


Yeah, you’re welcome!