Trouble with blog


While on any part of this site I can access the blog through the menu bar at the top.
Except for when I’m in the shop.
For some reason when you try to access the blog from it doesn’t redirect you. It gives this message "Not Found
The requested document was not found on this server. "

Anyone else have this problem?

I just thought it should be brought to attention because it’s annoying but probably pretty easy fix.


Nope, works for me.


Yes. I am using an Ipad at the moment. I went to the YoyoFactory 888x page, then from there, I clicked on blog in the menu, and then clicked on “most recent posts.” I got the error page too. It happened last night as well.


I am getting the same error. It looks like the problem is the links in the blog menu from the shop page have the shop. prefix on them (i.e. instead of The blog link in the header is fine, but the links in the drop-down menu seem to be broken.


Ahhhh yes…

I just went to the main blog page, which works.