Triming the fat on my Zero collection...


Some of these prices are a we bit high but that’s just because I don’t wanna sell some of them lol…
paypal only
No trades atm…

What? is that a yellow hyper with clear die?..Yup 45 Shipped

Blue trans with white painted caps, classy zero right here, MODFATHERED…dual sili sticker lip removed 35 Shipped

OHH MY, orange Calico Dyed Zero white caps…extremely rare and sexy, 45 Shipped

GITTD stock 15 Shipped

Gold bionic Worlds 07 dual sili and schmoved 30 Shipped

Orange dual sili schmoved CREW 45 Shipped

Higby Zero #299 Dual silied 30 Shipped

YYN Zero Stock 15 Shipped

Orange with takeshi caps Dual silied 25 Shipped

Another calico Dyed zero one cap is slight cracked stock 45 Shipped

(system) #2