Trigger, it is mine!

Well, Johnny DelValle has been teasing me with his new signature, the Trigger, since before BAC. He let me(and anyone else) try one. Hooked!!

YYJ ran a contest on Facebook for National Dog Day. I won. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I was the only one who managed to get an entry on it. This proves showing initiative pays off.

See it:

Trigger on it’s way. Isn’t YYJ in Florida or Georgia? I’ll see it in a few days! I hope they send a blue one!

I hate it when I miss contests

Very nice! Those pugs are adorable ^^


Aww pugs man I want a dog hey can you teach. Your dogs to Yoyo? That would be so cool

The Trigger. is. the. best. plastic/derlin. yoyo. of. all. time.

Enjoy it.

The tan/fawn one is named Lump. The black one is named Morely.

They can be trained, but pugs are very stubborn and intelligent. You really gotta work with them. They hate it when I yoyo. They want me to sit on the sofa so they can sleep on my lap.

One of Lump’s greatest “adventures in food stealing” was an act of doggie brilliance.

1: He pushes the chair out from the table. He manages to push the chair near the garbage can. He hops on the chair, onto the garbage can lid, over the rice cooker and onto the counter. Once on the counter, he could have sort of gotten away with it except for when he pushed the glass bowl of the counter, smashing it into a zillion pieces.

He used to just sit at the table on a chair. Then, this one lady, who I repeatedly told “Don’t give him food from the table” decided my orders weren’t important and gave him chicken. That is when he became a problem with tables and chairs.