TRICKS by HANS (update 8/22/2013 - 3 new tricks!)

What’s up. I’m Hans Baker, and I like to yoyo. Here are some tricks (newest to oldest):



Token Horizontal Trick

Z-Creative Entry, Unnamed Trick (Help me name it?)

Hey, Guy Wright, Checkmate!


Messing Around

Ship of Theseus (Personal identity and stuff… Nutiness)


When the World Turned Blue (I wish I was Adam Brewster trick)

Sprained Pinky Toe (It really hurts when you smash your toe into the corner of a couch… seriously)

Move E (messed up ratio… anyways, this is kinda old… I’m much better now)


Digital Accordian (Crappy Trick, don’t do it anymore)

Mind Takes (Old, fun, different)

Lametrick (Lame Trick. But check out that awesome modded Duncan Wheels! Steeeeeez)

For other videos, you can always check out my channel…

You just made it into my favorite players list instantaneously. Congratulations. I love you.

Haha, Thank you very much! I’m honored. At some point, I’m going to make another full video… I have TONS of tricks I haven’t filmed. Hope you like wraps and repeaters lol

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These are nice.
Can you do a little tutorial on this one? When the World Turned Blue

I am working on learning this one and there are a couple of parts I can’t see from the angle.

One of the most under-rated throwers ever.

Dude… I could try… but I can barely do that trick hahaha. I come up with tricks that are too hard for me sometimes. I am probably going to do a tutorial for Parenthesis first, but I’ll try to do one for When the world turned blue at some point, too.

Thank you very much! I would say the same about you… you seem to have so many tricks! And so smooth.

Cool. One part that I am talking about is at 8 or 9 seconds in. Your bringing your hands down to do some type of catch. I can’t see if its hitting a string (or which string) or going through a hole.

I think the trick looks cool so I want to learn it…lol.

I’m doing exactly that. Coming down and catching the yoyo with the string between my non-throwhand thumb and throwhand pointer finger. This should make it so that if you dropped everything except the string on your non-throwhand thumb, you would be in a front trapeze.

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OK. I had to dl and chop up your video…and ultra slo mo it…lol.

Now I can loop the section in slowwww motion. I am just eliminating the boing boing and saw what I was doing wrong before tossing the yoyo out before the catch.

This is above my skill level but I am still working on it for the heck of it. I need to get smooth with the momentum before placing the finger to pop the yoyo out. One day I will get it!

If you want, I can post my clip of yours to you tube so you can maybe use it in a tutorial or something.

Very nice tricks! Forgive me but I’m new to the game. How long have you been throwing?

Almost 3 years now. I’ll probably upload another trick soon. Nothing special, just a little repeater

New trick up! ???

Just put three new tricks up. Check out “Hey Guy Wright, Checkmate!” I promise it isn’t be boring.

That definitely wasn’t boring! What yoyo was that? I’m gonna try to learn this over the weekend

It’s a raw, small bearing Madhouse Epic

I personally love the Ship of Theseus but the transition from the one and a half mount to where you pinch and throw into the the loop on the other hand is really kicking my butt! Is there a tutorial you can do on that or a way to film it from a different angle or maybe slow it down more? I absolutely love this trick and want to add it to a little routine I’m doing. Thanks!


New trick! One year later

3 new tricks added. Enjoy