Trick of the Week #6 Gates

For 6 weeks now I’ve been making a tutorial once a week.

Here’s the latest one about the trick Gates.

Check it out and the past weeks’ tricks!

~yo! shi!

Good stuff man - keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Thanx! :smiley:

~yo! shi!

Nice vid, i love how you actually tell us whats going on instead of just having words pop up saying what to do next. By the way, what are 1-5?

Oops! Here is a link to the video channel on Vimeo - I’ll be adding the new videos to the channel as each week comes.


~yo! shi!

Looks like a good Tutorial, Ive been doing that for years… dunno what its called, though…

If you’re gonna make a lot of tutorials, some of us do appreciate having it worded out on screen. Me, because Im deaf. Something to consider.

and, I didnt know you could embed Vimeo. sweet. good stuff, Jonathan!

Great tutorial man! Keep it up! It really helped out a lot!

Great Video! :slight_smile: Keep’m coming! What yoyo are you/is he using?

Actually I have made more since then… :o

And I used a YYF '07 888 (large bearing) =]

~yo! shi!

Cool, thanks.

Nice job with the videos yo_shi. Keep it up - you’ve been bookmarked :slight_smile:
Some of your first videos had problems with auto focus I guess, but it seems you got it sorted out in the newer videos.

Cool trick yo_shi, but some of them I know how. ;D

Thanks for sharing videos here.

Happy Throwing! =]