Trick list

I know there is a trick list, at , but the list is very limited. Can you extend the list to show until master tricks? I like the feeling of "X"ing off tricks ;D

Don’t forget to put more tricks in the learn section.

If you are determined enough, you can copy the rest of the tricks at the back.

Yes just do it like this.

Sorry to necro, but I just threw together an extended trick list and it seemed fitting to include it here since it does answer this request. It looks very similar to the format of the existing one, but a bit more amateur since I just used MS paint and MS word. The pdf version is the one with the highest quality. Maybe they’ll put up a legit one in the near future… Even though I’m into the expert level tricks, I also still like X’ing them off and having a hard copy of a list to always refer to.

I hope YYE doesn’t mind. If so, feel free to edit the post. Just thought it’d be helpful.

pdf version:

Jpeg version:

Png version:

I would ask Andre’s permission to use his trademark.

Wasn’t sure if it was worth bothering him about. If it’s an issue with him, please delete the post. I have not shared it in any other fashion whatsoever. So if you delete it here, it’s gone.

They should get a 4a and 5a list too.