Trick-a-Week 2024—#29 Grind Through a Triangle

Every Friday we’ll be posting a tutorial in this thread for us all to learn over the next week. It helps to view this thread not as a rush to learn a single tutorial every week, but instead to be exposed to and attempt a new trick every week. The idea is that you’ll be able to take away some new elements and ideas from each tutorial to add to your trick repertoire, and you can revisit any past weeks as you desire. Take as much time as you need on single “week.” Please share when you’re struggling with a trick and want some potential advice! We’re all learning these tricks together, helping and motivating each other is a core part of this thread. Feel free to remix or rework each trick as you see fit.

Posting videos is absolutely not required, but we’d all love to see your progress each week. It’s more fun to share your trick victories with others. Be proud when you finally land the trick you’ve been working hard to learn. Record a video and show it off to the world, because we’re all just as stoked on your success! So we’d like to encourage everybody to at least attempt stepping outside of their comfort zone to film their tricks.

This list will be updated every week with the new tutorial, so please reference this post if you missed a week or want to revisit a trick.

If you’d like to make suggestions for tutorials to use in the thread, please send them via DM to any of the T-a-W crew that maintains this thread: @GTDropKnot , @digitalcharlie

And lastly is a shoutout to @MoonageMin and @twitch77 for kickstarting this thread four years ago! You can find the previous threads here:
TaW 2020
TaW 2021
TaW 2022
TaW 2023

A Note for Lefties

Most of the tutorials we use will be originally made for right handed people. If y’all open up the YouTube videos we use in another tab and replace “YouTube” with “mirrorthevideo”, this will flip the video so that it appears like it was made for y’all. Sorry y’all have to take this extra step!


Week 1—Double Tower Picture Trick

2024 lets gooooo!!! I figured we would start off with a very cool picture trick from KYMYOYOER. Enjoy and good luck!


Here is my take on the trick!


Thanks for taking over the TAW thread @GTDropKnot! I learned from the last years I just totally dislike taking videos. But be sure I will practice every one of them as I did the last years. If you run out of content let me know I have a couple of fun ones that I did not see here the last years. Thanks again and keep throwing!


I love the symmetry on these towers. Reminds me of the Werrd logo. :slight_smile:



@GTDropKnot yes!!! I look forward to this every week and was concerned it wouldn’t be a thing anymore. Thank you!!!


Thanks for the feedback @Kray @Bobparty & @Shwa !!! Posting videos totally isn’t necessary but it helps to be reminded that there is a group of participants that does follow along without posting videos or rarely posting videos. Thanks for the support and I’m happy to keep it going!


@GTDropKnot Thank you for keeping the torch lit for TaW, I can help with trick selection too if needed, I just don’t know how to do the tech stuff with posting links and all that…I have to say that this content is the highlight of my week (sad, I know).


Thanks for offering to help!!! It’s helpful to have a group of tricks bookmarked for possible TaWs. You (or anyone else) shouldn’t hesitate to DM me or Charlie with suggestions if you spot a cool tutorial and think it would make a good TaW!


bro i need this. When im doin homework im thinking about what trick I should do next. This helps a lot, thanks


This trick solidified my appreciation for picture tricks. The steps leading up to it are really neat.




This looks cool. Gonna try it out today.


I’m working on it now and in the beginning where you have the 3 strings and you have to roll onto the back one I keep landing on the middle. I think I got it once or so on the back string after a bunch of times. I’m pulling the back string back with my thumb to space it out. It just seems like it wants to always land on the middle string. Am I doing something wrong?


You can grip the back string with the middle ring and pinkie fingers to create more space and pull the string back and then move your nth forward. It’s a little funky but it sounds like you’re getting it right and close just fool with it a bit and I’m sure you’ll get it.


Thanks, i’ll try that. I kinda been giving it some force pushing towards the back string and got it a couple times. Gonna keep working on it.


Gotta love picture tricks…


Nice! You going to steel city throwers this weekend?

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I sure am, how about you?


Yep! Lookin forward to it, Ill see ya there!