Trick-a-Week 2023 - #12 - Zach Gormley Spinning Slack

How do I get the string to not fall off after the second pinch and swing around? Like post techy hop and roll, right before the roll to the kamikaze looking mount? Am I messing up the proportions of string or not releasing the pinch at the right time or misaligning my hands maybe? It doesn’t always fall off but I can’t tell what’s happening between when It works vs doesn’t. It looks like you had this same thing happen in your second video @mable which is somehow encouraging because I don’t think it’s that I’m messing up with any of the techy stuff earlier. Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

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Actually nevermind, it’s like you need to pinch a certain string with your TH thumb and have the slack actually stay in the gap when it goes around. I think at least? It’s the most awkward part of the trick, I’d rather just do something different after the pop tbh.

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Aight thanks I do think It was problem with my TH thumb! The string should pass to my index finger instead of flying off and I totally missed that part but yeah that move is definitely awkward. It’s just so close to end, I had to figure it out. Now onto practice!

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Here is some catching up :sweat_smile:
Did not manage to actually flow with this trick, still love angelos style :slight_smile:

As like everyone else here i really love this repeater and was actually a new one for me

New trick looks amazing, hope to get this done more timely :smiley:


Did a couple of recordings for this trick but every single one has good and bad elements always mixed up so I just picked this shot randomly. Will further practice maybe take another recording the next days.


I can’t believe I haven’t thought of using my Xbox/TV for tutorials before. Man I can finally see what’s going on lol


Woah this was hard! I definitely had to push out of my comfort zone this week and this is just about as good as I’m going to get it. I finally got the swing of that double slack around to click, (Woooo!) but I’m realizing that it’s about to be another push to nail down the timing and finesse enough to thread my index finger into that loop consistently. I’m going to keep practicing it, but I need to give this trick a little space before I start to tilt and I couldn’t get a take where I nailed it at lunch today.
Here’s also a goofy trick I walked into while trying to film the TaW, note the absolute surprise at the triangle reveal.


BTW discovered this UpsideDownTower2MagicKnot in this weeks trick. :arrow_up::arrow_down::tokyo_tower::two::magic_wand::knot:


Next trick? :smile:

I got you. This week is a spinning slack element from Zach Gormley. Everybody loves Zach tricks.

Here’s my take on this trick with a little extra hook you can do from that ending mount. It’s kinda like a modified beefhook.


Everybody loves mrmatio tuts


Matio is a gift to the yoyo community tbqh


That hook at the end was exceptional. I’m excited to dive into this trick!

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I love mrmatio’s tutorials!


That thumb undercut is quite tricky isn’t it…

It’s not really an undercut, if that might be the tricky part for you. You’re more just hooking that string with your thumb and dragging it to the other side of the yoyo from underneath. You don’t actually land on any strings, you’re just moving that one string around the bearing.

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Maybe I’m making it harder than it seems haha! Managed to get most of the beginning bit pretty quickly.

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