Tri-Sticks Suicide (3 loop chopstick sucide)

(hcjesse) #1

I don’t know why the video is so small, so fullscreen and HD it! And yes, each loop landed on the finger it was supposed to land on, and only that finger. This is a tricky one…

(UmeNagisa) #2

Oh my gosh!

(Jerrod) #3



how many shots did that take? Amazing haha

(Owen) #5

Ohhh boyeeeeeee I tried the trick and landed it!!!

I’m pretty proud of mah self right now.

BTW, good job Mann

(hcjesse) #6

About 10 minutes worth


(Alex Fairhurst) #7

Sweet Jesus!

I’ve been trying the archery suicide ever since Mark Allen told me he would give me a yoyo from his case if I landed it. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but it’s very close!


Find a way to suicide a tower. That would be sick.