Trevlor's Review of the New Sasquatch: Refined Power


I remember when I first threw a Sasquatch. I had been rocking my Gnarwhal, and did not know how CLYW could improve at all. Then I heard about a larger Gnarwhal coming out and could not contain my excitement…well, I mean, I guess it was contained a bit…I didn’t want to seem like a crazy person…

Anyways, I got a Sasquatch and to this day, I have never thrown anything as powerful as it. It would take everything I could throw at it and keep going…not that that was that much. #3thats

I loved the original; it was one of my all time favs, just for the power that I felt in it while playing.

Just like they always do, CLYW made it BETTER! The new Sasquatch, with it’s ever so subtle changes, is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Immediately, you feel that raw Sasquatch power, but it has grown up.

~Refined Power~

I have never had as successful a first throw as I did with this new beast. String cut, ready to go, and WOW! I immediately feel that power that I have not felt in years, but it is still SUPER agile! I cannot believe how fast it whips around! Threw a combo at it, kept spinning, couple stoles, still going, finger grind, takes it in stride and pops back to my hand. Amazing spin, amazing feel, amazing binds. The most refined part was the smooth as glass spins. It is just as smooth as my Wooly Marmot 2 which is the smoothest thing I have ever thrown. Absolutely no vibe at all.

Overall, this is an amazing throw that I absolutely LOVE! I am currently slimming down the collection A LOT, and this is definitely staying in.

You need some Refined Power.

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Great review! “Refined power” is absolutely spot on; they’re downright vicious! And I don’t know WHAT blast finish is on it, but it is silky smooth.


What exactly is the differences between the new and old sas?


Who knows… a gram here, a mm there. It’s the CLYW way.


I have talked to Chris about it, researching the differences for the review I am going to write. From what he said he went back to the original prototype design of the Sasquatch and tweaked form there. When he was tweaking the original run he took weight away from the outer diameter. This time he left that weight where it was and did some tweaking of weight in other areas such as the bearing seat and carving the response area a little wider to accommodate Snow Tires. What we are left with is a Sasquatch that is truer to what Chris had originally envisioned for the design.