Trap Door Tutorial Vid.

Hey guys, I got some people to say they wanted a tut, so I made my First tutorial on the trap door trick / element!
Hope you like it, leave some feedback, this is my First one, so I would like to improve!
Fixed the vid! Yay!! Thanks guys!!

thats was a really good tut, i like how it was narrated.

Thanks =)

I know 2 ways of doing it now.

Nice tutorial. One thing I would like to say is maybe to have a slightly better lighting.

Also, in the words of Admiral Akbar, “It’s a trap!!!”

sweet tut man, constructive critisim, same as what Mark said some better lighting or mabey some highlight strings.

Many thanks and keep the tuts coming

Yeah, i definitely agree with the lighting!
Thanks for the tips guys!

Sweet Trick! Im gonna use it between tricks and in combos! once again thanks!

And just some heads up for the next time, you don’t have to copy the embedding thing on Youtube. Just copy the URL and paste here on the Forums and your video will automatically appear with no extra code

i like. narration good. top view good. Ben learn. grr… good.