I’ve been away from the forums for a long time, and I haven’t posted a video in even longer. I’m considering this a bit of a return.

Hope you enjoy!

Man I have missed your style.

Your videos always have great music and I love your tricks.

Great video, awesome tricks. Reminds me of where I grew up. Thanks!

Really like it! Are you using backlight of some sort? There’s this separation between you and the scenery that’s hard to describe… almost green-screen-ish but either some of the best amateur green screen I’ve ever seen, or you have some other sort of trick to create contrast between you and what’s behind you.

I really like your style. Smooth without being slow. Deliberate and elegant!

Thanks everyone!

That’s all legit scenery. The only a thing I had out there for filming was my camera on a tripod, and I just put it on the ground and started recording. I honestly didn’t even notice that it looks like that but it really does look like a green screen.

That’s actually kinda cool. :smiley:

Just rewatched knowing for sure there was no green screen… man, you stumbled into some pretty cool lighting for that “separation” effect.

More importantly, I noted one other thing… I couldn’t quite place why I find the video so “satisfying” and then it hit me… your combos are exactly the right length. They don’t overstay their welcome. You hit your concepts, tell a little story, and then wrap them up. Then you switch locations. It helps to carry the video with a sense of momentum but at a relaxed pace.

Might be the first time I try to learn a combo from a video that’s not a tutorial… :wink: That last one is particularly dope.

The short combo is an art form. Thanks so much. ;D

I can probably put together a decent tutorial for that last trick (or any other trick if you or anyone else that ends up reading this would like) in the next week or two. High school and sports can take up to almost 16 hours on some days for me but I’m sure I can make time on weekends or whenever I find myself free. I would love to share some of the things I’ve picked up and put together along the way.

Or you could try and learn it from this video. That’s always pretty cool too. :smiley:

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