FAF 2014: Greg's Green Gimmicks

Yeah. I need to learn how to light my green screen better. :wink: But this was still good fun!

non embedded link: http://youtu.be/UYnbMPgZb8M

Haha…It’s always good to see people having fun yoyoing and the green screen just looks like a blast. Simultaneous towers! What a concept lol.

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Cool vid and sweet concept using the green screen! That really made everything look really cool! Also, nice work on the wood axle skills.

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Awesome! Best fixed axle vid I’ve seen in a while.

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Thanks! These are fun to make… next year… next year I SWEAR upon everything holy and good… that I will start my video at the BEGINNING of the month and really blow everrone’s miiiiinds. Or something. :smiley:

Thanks again!