Trance vibes with the PLUR - New Full length video

Its been a long time since I’ve made a full length trick video.

This time it’s a little different.

I have many fond memories of being a young thrower and just zoning out to trance music while free flowing in my room. I aimed to recreate this feeling and am happy with the result!

This is a collection of some of my favorite newer tricks as well as some good old fashioned flow off the top of my head, set to the music that resonates with me strongly and gives me those plur vibes.


wow, don’t think i’ve seen that acronym since '02…


PLUR is alive and well with the raver scene today! Still all about it :3


Looking forward to checking out the PLUR :slight_smile:

here’s some old skool rave… signed by the godfather himself…


This video is insane

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Killer tricks, killer video and lighting. Don’t have money for a PLUR but still have my IceWoof from the kickstarter!


For me, the greatest thing about that video is that it is better than watching Magic tricks.

I Love watching Magic tricks. Good Magic tricks are amazing. But… you know they are not really Magic. It’s just the way they pull them off right before your eyes; that’s Magic.

This video is better to me because Josh isn’t doing these hands are faster than the eyes’ moves.

Josh is really punching out those stunning combos. no bunnies, no doves, no King of a spades.

The actual execution of such complex tricks and making them look ‘simple’, is a higher level of Magic.

And I am in awe at the ‘snap’ in those rejections.