My new-ish video

Lately, I havent been posting my new videos, so I though I would post my latest. Also, every trick i did in the video was made up by me.

Constructive Criticism and/or telling me how good I am (jk) is always welcome.

On a side note, lets see another video from Steven!


lol, i forgot about that…check if there are any other tricks in there I didnt make up.

no not really there are elements in there like slack trapeze and a blunch of gt’s but thats allowed, spirit bomb is the only thing that stuck out to me

wowo you made those tricks awesome

I can see some trick that are not yours like spirit bomb but you changed them up a little, ive seen this many times but still really good

try to cut your string, making it shorter will enable to gain more control at the yoyo. nice freestyle!