Trails // Austin Peacock // Werrd


Here is my new video, Trails.
I’d like to personally thank everyone who will watch or has watched my videos, it truly means the world to me.
YoYo: Werrd Hour

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(Owen) #2

Werrd up! Great video!


Thanks man!! Means alot.

(Owen) #4

Oh, and I just want to say that you have the coolest last name on earth

(Jerrod) #5



Ha thankyou!



cool video. Besides the yoing, I like the artistic choices, like at the beginning, you’re standing in a path through sherwood forest that seemingly goes on forever into the distance


Thanks man, i’m glad you see it in that way! It’s nice to know that people see it for more than just the yoyoing, but as an artistic medium. Thankyou for watching!


Fantastic! Very unique video, I like it :wink:


Thank you very much!!

(Khent G) #11

I enjoyed every second!

Nice style, location, tricks and glasses!


That was amazing!!


Thanks Man, you liked everything i was hoping people would!!

Thankyou so much! It truly mean so much!