I am trading my Petr Kavka Chief for a members selection of yoyos. He has to offer 1) La goulette 2) Albatross 3) Punchline repeater 4) Project 2 5) Burnside 6) 54 7) Pre-pro Code 2 8 ) Burning ember Code 2 9) Neon Protostar 10) Nickel Dietz 11) 2012 Genesis 12) Supernova 2011 7045 alluminum 13) DV888.

Which two would you trade for a chief.

I do not have any experience with any of these companies except yyf and spyy.

Depending on the condition maybe the Supernova + CODE 2. That’s just what I would do though. It’s all preference.

On the real, you should just keep it. The Petr colorway is sick and I would rather have a Chief than any of those yoyos. Or you could sell it. I’ve seen them go for about 200 on the BST.

OR you could trade it to me for a raw and polished Chief :wink:

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