LF: Petr Kavka Colorway Chief and Cliff and AC and Summit


Hey guys, I’m currently looking to procure the following yoyos:

CLYW Chief - Petr Kavka Signature
CLYW Cliff - Petr Kavka Signature
CLYW Arctic Circle - Petr Kavka Signature
CLYW x OD Summit - Petr Kavka/Slusny Edition

I may also want the following:
OD Chik - Igor Signature
YYF CZM84VK - Slusny Edition
CLYW Yeti - Colored Preferred

I am looking to pay cash through Paypal but may have some yoyos I can trade

PM Me or Email me (email will be a near immediate response since it is on my phone!)




Bumpity Bump Bump


I have the arctic circle for you

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