(!!TRADED!!)FT: YYF Skyline

I want to trade my YYF Skyline. It is a late '09 version.

It has a scuff in the anno and its still a little black (because i hit on stained wood and it sorta rubbed off). It also has two dents which seem to have went through the anno because I was cursed with buttery fingers that day and dropped it. It also has little unnoticeable dents but you really have to look for them.
As of right now, it doesn’t have new k-pads. They wore out. But there is half of them still in there. I just slip binds sometimes if it is spinning to slow. I can through in the 3 dollars for the k-pads or I am hoping to order some soon, but probably won’t for a week or two.

I’ll update this thread for pics later. Hopefully soon!

Now for the wants:
-YYF Superstar (teal blue acid wash)
-HSpin Pyro Light
-CLYW Basselope
-CLYW Bear vs. Man
-HSpin The Cut (the special edition ones)(Its for sure a done deal for the red music one)(:D)
-Offer up! :wink:
Don’t wants:
-YYJ (just becasue I already have the ones I like)
-Yoyos with major super extreme-omatic flaws… :o