!Traded and gone!

It has been traded out!

[s]The reason I do not want to keep this beauty is that it just plays way too light for me. I really want to love it. I should’ve gotten the E=mc^2 but oh well! And I really love Tatsuya Fujisaka. Man he’s an inspiration.

No dings or anything.

I just got this straight from YYR around a week and a half ago.
I do understand that there is a large amount of fakes out there right now but I can prove its authenticity through showing my transactions with YYR if you like! I can also show it off on Skype or something, haha. Plus, I don’t think they make fake Blinks.

Comes with box, fancy cotton, and a yellow fat kitty string.


Money! 150 shipped priority
Close to mint Acrophobia Blue or silver. I’d be willing to pay for your shipping.
Close to mint E=mc^2 Blue or silver.
Mint Diamondback green or blue (and then some, maybe for my shipping and a little bit more)
Close to mint Berserker RX (I’ll put some in)
New MIB Peter Pong Si Yee Berserker.
Summit. I’m going to be really picky with the colors.

If you are going to trade the YYR with me, I will pay for my shipping.

I trade through paypal if money is involved.

Gosh my phone takes nice pictures, haha.

My Sleipnir and Blink.[/s]