Yoyorecreation sale: Sleipnir and E=MC2

Back after a while. I want to sell these quick, help me out!

Blue “Take That” Sleipnir - Mint, never used. I’ve never thrown it, but I’m assuming it’s dead smooth as it still is under factory settings (never been unscrewed). Very nice. - $155 shipped

Galaxy Blasted “B-grade” E=mc2 - Near perfect condition (couple flatspots that are literally unnoticeable). Has vibe. I’ve tried replacing the axle, checking the halves for any deformities, but the vibe is simply caused by the design of the yoyo. Vibe is pretty common on this yoyo. Still playable, and it makes a great 5A yoyo. - $50 shipped SOLD

NO TRADES please.