FS: YYR Sleipnir, 28stories Sasquatch, G5 (pics updated)

Hello all I am selling a few of my metals because I am in need of the money. WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER TRADES I ONLY WANT TO SELL ACCEPTING ONLY PAYPAL OR MONEYORDER all prices are negotiable

YYR Sleipnir: near mint condition no nicks or scratches and perfect anno. Make offer! (want 110$)

28 stories Sasquatch: great condition got one or two spots where anno is a Tad dinged you have to look real hard even to see the nicks. Completely smooth feeling. Make offer :slight_smile: (want 70$)

YYF G5: great condition but has a few minor anno dings. Make offer (want 40$)

Rest of the Pictures are here: http://img821.imageshack.us/g/img20110517153758.jpg/


Matt Nethery

I’m interested in that Sleipnir. Get me pictures as soon as you can.
Is it the bb’ed version or shiney version?

Also as your new are you willing to ship 1st?. I’m well know in all forums under the same name you have no worries with me.

Let me know,

Not that I don’t trust you but I don’t ship first I have a few interested in the Sleipnir anyways and they are not asking for me to ship first :slight_smile:

ok sorry that was supposed to be a PM. My Phone does that sometimes. But whatever, I got your email. Good Luck on your sale, but I’m not comfortable buying from any1 new without the security of them shipping first. esspecially of that level.

Thanks anyway,

Its a shame no one wants to trust anyone anymore. Im defiantly not here to rip anyone off. My friend here in KY Andrew Robinson is known in the yoyoccommunity and would vouch for me.

I will give u a dm2 a pgm and 30 bucks

how can you not trust red yoyos he has 21 feedback and you have 0. And i highly doubt you’re willing to let your throws go for that much of a low price.

I sent the money for the Sleipnir 3 weeks ago, and still no news, be carefull