TRADE HUGE FOR MESSIAH....Fs/Ft a lot.. 8 yoyos.

These Are all in Great condition, if more info needed, Pm me. These are for trade. i am open to a lot of things, just offer up and we can work something out. Prices are up to you guys, no low balls please. I am not in a rush to get rid of some of these, so it wil take a great deal for me to let go to some of them!

Wants are at the bottom, look there.


- its mint nothing else to say.
Rasta capella, honeslt am not looking to get rid of just to show off :)… offer if you would like. 100$

- mint smooth, plays like any other capella.

b grade skyline. 50$

[b]has a weak bead blast, making it b grade. just scratches easier than other skylines.

  • small bearing
  • BEAD BLAST! [/b]

Viking FHZ 50$, because of rarity.

silicone recessed, plays amazing!

10th ann. X-Con 40$

[b]- smooth

  • oring response
  • rims sanded, can be polished if need be.[/b]

Youknee Challenger! 50$

[b]- plays amazing!

  • floaty
  • extremely cool art![/b]

clear fhz 30$

[b]- modded by Chris (ricerocket)

  • schmooved
  • spiral satin
  • pad recessed![/b]

Hyper Freehand 35$

[b]- sili recessed

  • two scuffs.[/b]


  • anything TI

  • Oxygene

  • H2o

  • H-spin

  • Punchline

  • General- YO

  • One Drop

  • ANYTHING COOL!!![/u][/b]

wish i had money