Track 7 with Kirby *FEATURE*


Now the moment you’ve all been curiously intrigued about!  The first video in the ATF series from Josh Parker and WhyPinto comes the epic yo-yoing of Kirby… that’s right… it’s Track 7!


That was incredible! ;D Amazing! :smiley: 3:30-3:48 EXPLOSIONS make everything awesome. :wink:


that was f!@#%ng awesome

(M²) #4

yay kirby!


I’m glad you guys like it! We worked pretty hard putting it all together.




I know Kirby! He came to my school like a cuple month ago and just yoyoed with 2 other guys! He also does string burn live. ;D

(202andrew) #8

Kirby’s the best. And I think he just got sponsered by BBYY’s

(Thomas) #9

Yoyo i might ask


Kirby got sponsored by BBYY about 6 months ago. He’s using all BBYY’s in the video. And you’re right, Kirby is the best :smiley: