Toy vs. Tool

(Victorian YoYos) #1

I’d label something such as the edge beyond a tool and something like the big fun a toy. How would you compare similar yo-yos?

(Jacob Waugh) #2

Yoyos are what you want them to be: Tools, Toys, Toilet paper, anything that starts with T.


Theyre both toys

By your definition though I’d rather play with tools than toys :joy:


Skill toys of different qualities and potentials.

(Gethin) #5

Toys for good boys (and girls)


(Gethin) #7


(r/Throwers Mod.) #8

Nah i wouldn’t go there. Both are toys for everone. Both are tools for a serious competitor.

(Victorian YoYos) #9

I like that

({John15}) #10

Right, like this guy… he doesn’t seem to have a problem using the big fun as a tool :exploding_head:

Edit: this was supposed to be in response to @EOS44

(Gethin) #11

Haha love the vid though! I think as long as someone gets joy out of yoyoing that’s all that matters, no definition required.


if you want to dive in to it i see it both as toys but are more marketed to certain people. how you see it is the market group. Big fun literally say BIG FUN means toy right. while beyond edge is a tool like a straight edge, a tool to you to improve your skill with more precision. in the end as long as your having fun or challenging/accomplishing something why not a fun tool.


Lol my newest euphemism; fun tool

(r/Throwers Mod.) #14

Oh yes. Ekblad is def top 3 player in the US.

(Ethan Phelps) #15

When practicing they would probably be a toy/tool hybrid (full toy to new Yoyoers and non-yoyoers) but in competition they would be a tool for the sport


I never cease to find humor in the fact that most yoyoers are averse to their object of interest being a called a toy. Why is it so bad to call it a toy?

(Victorian YoYos) #17

Not sure why. I don’t really call them toys. But I made this comparison as an example to how I describe yo-yos like these to non-yoyoers


And they are probably laughing tbh. It might be an interesting showcase of precision machining, but it is still a yoyo, and a yoyo is still a toy. I personally would just call it a skill toy (which is what it is) rather than try to convince somebody that you refer to it as a tool.

When I show my yoyo to non-yoyoers, I say, “hey look, it’s a yoyo made of metal!”

(Ethan Phelps) #19

In my case since I’m a teen in my mind toys are little kids thing that I want to mostly stay away from little kid toys (their are exceptions)


This confuses me as well. What’s wrong with liking toys guys, our lives are already a lot more boring than when we were kids, trying to call it a tool or anything else is just taking more fun out of things