Toxic prime string

Hello, I didn’t get a chance to pick up on the recent release of the new 100 pack of toxic prime string. I was wondering for those of you that did, could you please describe how it is, how it plays, how long, what other string it closely resembles, if you like it, or is it just hype, etc.

Thanks! :

I’d be curious to hear more about it, too.

Someone said somewhere that it’s rebranded BG1s but I don’t think that’s the case. BG1s were pretty ropey and thick; Primes seem a bit more standard-ish. But I don’t actually know.

Yeah, I use to like toxic snakes but them don’t seem to be making any of the custom string anymore like they use too. Hopefully a few people can chime in and give us the rundown on them. :slight_smile:

Got them but… It’s my first high end string so for me it seems just awesome and i’m only to my first few string so i can’t really talk, but from what i can say they do not feel good when they are’nt broke in end they take more time to brake in than the other string i tested but i guess it’s the price for durability. They are a bit slick but they don’t spin around my finger as some poeple say they have experienced with toxics. My only down side i found is that they get hairy pretty fast

They’re alright, they play pretty much like any other bulk poly. I believe its the same string that comes with all of One Drops throws.

As others have said, you can expect similar qualities as other bulk string. They come pre tied, at a length that works well for me, so that’s a plus. It’s a little longer than blueprints which I found too short. I’d also say that they are a bit smoother than blueprints. Don’t expect the slickness of dragons or standard toxics, though, and they are a little thinner than most other toxics. That being said, I usually prefer a middle of the road thickness, but I did not have a problem with these at all. They also don’t whip as well, but you’d be able to tell that as soon as you pulled one out of the pack, but somehow they do still have a semi dense feel to them. All things considered, I have no regrets with the purchase.

Hmm… Don’t think these are really “premium” strings

Based on Rosenberg’s description, they sound like a perfect fit for me. :wink: I hope there’s a restock and in a few different colours. Or at least one of green, orange, or hot pink in addition to the yellow.

They are good, especially good for me since I’ve grown tired of burning the scrap end of string to seal the knot.

Cool, and thanks to all that replied! Hopefully they get restocked soon. I would like to try them for myself. ;D