I tried a PS2 controller with Touhou once. Using the analog stick makes diagonal movement a lot easier, but timing movement and controlling distance was a lot harder, so it made small dodges impractical. The D-pad might work better, but I was too used to playing with a keyboard to want to switch. Actually, thinking about it now, playing on easy mode with the analog stick might be an interesting challenge. You could get away with more sweeping movements and use the extra direction control to try to weave through everything without any fine distance control.


I could see that I’ll have to see how it plays out.Maybe I could do both D-pad and analog. Well if I don’t like it for Touhou I’ve got more plans for it so no real loss.


I found this site that lets you compare characters until it can put together a full sorted list of your favourites:

You can choose which games to include characters from and whether to include non-game characters. I unchecked the PC-98 games and the Touhou 14 demo since I don’t know those characters very well, as well as the “Other” category since I’m not sure what that is (maybe stuff like Seihou?). Here are my results (I also didn’t know Firefox can take full page screenshots without any add-ons now, which is useful to know).

Sorry for the low rating, Yamame!

artist: Taishi


Here’s mine…

This song comes to mind:


My list is sort of a rough list but I feel since it’s all so new to me that it can easily change drastically.

I finally learned Elly’s name. I had seen her a few times but never was able to get her name.

Artist: Shouen Kigashi


It seems yoyofoot likes the rabbits even more than I like the cats.

I think your preferences can definitely change a lot as time goes on, especially after you play new games or read new materials. I never had Yuyuko all that high, but then I loved her fight in PCB, and she’s my second favourite to play in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (after Marisa). I still don’t know a lot of the characters that well, so my list is pretty rough too I think.

I don’t remember much about Elly from the game, but she does have maybe the most famous song in Touhou (at least close to “U.N. Owen was Her”):

artist: yukizen

EDIT: It looks like the “Others” characters are side characters from the game manuals who never officially show up, like Youki and Myouren. Let’s see, checking the source code from the web page, it looks like Lily Black, Layla Prismriver, Youki Konpaku, and Myouren Hijiri are classified as “Others”. I thought Lily Black was the fan-name given to the black Lily White that shows up in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, so I’d have thought she’d be listed with that game if she was listed at all. I guess since she’s considered an unofficial character, she got lumped with “Others”.

DOUBLE EDIT: Lily Black is also listed for PoFV, so I don’t know why they put her under Others too. Anyway, her line is commented out of the code, so I guess that’s why she doesn’t show up on mine even though I had PoFV included. (Shanghai, Horai, and Keine’s full-moon form are also listed in the source but commented out.)


Artist: wingedleek

I’m more of a bird person myself. :slight_smile:


New colored pencils



That Reisen drawing is really cute.


Touhou 14 came out at Comiket this weekend.  It looks like it’s thunderstorm-themed and has some interesting gimmicks that are new to the Touhou series.  There are a few musician characters who look pretty cool.

(Spoilers in the following videos, obviously)
Normal mode:

Extra stage:
artist:  ZUN




First off sorry for the pretty long delay I went on a trip and wanted to finish this papercraft before posting.

[Picture’s are bit washed out =/ ]

So many papercrafts but still got more yoyos. xD

I’ve also decided that the controller with the D-pad just isn’t my thing it puts to much strain on my thumb and I feel like my input is slower then using the keys. And the analogs would be to frustrating too learn. xD

Congrats on Flandre by the way. :slight_smile:


Hopefully your trip went well. It’s good to see you back. Nice work on the Marisa papercraft. The whole collection really looks great all together like that. It looks more complete with both main heroines done.

I don’t care much for using a controller either. I did play through IN Easy with the analog stick, which was kind of fun, but a lot easier than I thought it would be. I guess I forgot how much Easy is toned down in IN.

I’m glad to have Flandre done. It only took a few days of playing her after taking a break to play Subterranean Animism, but I don’t think I could repeat it right now. It took a lot of things going right to barely beat her. I still have plenty of room to improve on her later cards, but I fail to get to them often enough to really practice them, and I played way better on the stage/early cards than what I can repeat, plus got lucky in a few places. Still, it’s done. SA Extra might be even more trouble though. Koishi looks pretty hard, and I haven’t even managed to get through the stage to her yet.

artist: C7肘 (aka kieta), edited from original, not sure by whom


My trip went quite well I had tons of fun.

Yeah I think it feels more complete after I added her to the set. I’m thinking my next papercraft will be Yuyuko but it’ll be hard to get the white butterflies on the dress since I do colour them with coloured pencil.

Yeah I’ve taken a bit of a break on my journey to beat an extra, instead I’m working on beating all the games. I can now check IN off my list.

I found this background quite amusing :slight_smile:



Congrats on IN. I was also pretty amused when Eirin switched to that background. Kaguya also has a really nice background, although not nearly as amusing.

If you ever try to beat Suwako, Eirin’s Last Spell “Horai Elixir” can help practice for Suwako’s final spell. The second-to-last phase of “Horai Elixir” that has the crossing pattern is really similar to Suwako’s. It does take a while to get through the beginning of “Horai Elixir”, but thanks to spell practice, it’s a lot faster and easier to get to than playing through Suwako’s whole stage. I think Suwako would have taken me much longer to beat if I hadn’t spent so much time learning to deal with that pattern when I was trying to capture “Horai Elixir”.

artist: Rebecca


As Fall nears I’ve been playin’ Mountain of Faith I love the bomb system and the attack patterns quite a bit though I find it much more challenging then the others at least for me. =\

I also found these adorable papercraft today. I’ll definitely have to try my hand at making something similar. :slight_smile:

Artist: Tohopunk


Mountain of Faith has a really nice autumn atmosphere. It makes me miss it since we don’t really get much of a fall season around here. Those MoF/PoFV papercrafts are pretty cute, though the image isn’t showing in your post. I think hotlinking straight from Danbooru is blocked, so you’d probably have to rehost the image to get it to show up properly.

I think a lot of the challenge in beating Mountain of Faith comes in mastering the bombing system. The dodging itself is pretty hard compared to some of the other games, but you don’t actually have to dodge nearly as much because bombs are replenishable (I think I read somewhere that it’s possible to bomb every single boss attack in the game). One weird side effect of the bombing system is that I usually have a lot more trouble with Aya than Sanae. Sanae has attacks that are scary/hard enough that I get trapped a lot and just bomb my way out of them, whereas Aya has more stuff I think I can dodge and then get clipped by (that, and Aya has Illusionary Dominance and Momiji as a midboss). I remember Aya definitely took me way more tries to beat my first time through than Sanae.

If you can get used to bombing all the time, I think it is not that bad to get to the end of the game. You can definitely beat it without getting as good at the game as you have to with the others. The one major catch is Kanako’s final spell, which is immune to bombs. I think it’s pretty much in a class by itself of all the final spell cards I’ve played (EoSD, PCB, IN, MoF, and SA), and it’s the one thing in the game you absolutely have to learn how to dodge. One weird thing is that I’ve heard her final spell is harder on Easy than Normal, and since I find the difficulty of the whole game heavily concentrated in that one card, that could conceivably make Easy mode itself harder than Normal for some people.

The one thing I don’t like about MoF (and SA and I think UFO, but I haven’t played that one) is the continue system. Resetting you to the beginning of the stage with 3 lives makes it really tough to beat later stages for the first time to unlock them for stage practice. It took me forever to beat Kanako with starting resources so that I could finally practice her spells (which makes learning her final one even more of a pain). I think it’s actually easier to 1cc MoF and SA than to beat them using continues, because it’s easier to get good enough at the early stages to stockpile lives into the final stage than it is to beat it from starting resources after you continue. In fact, I’ve only ever cleared SA without continues because of that.

artist: Miyuki Ruria


It doesn’t feel like Fall temperature wise yet but I can feel it. I used to live in Florida so Fall’s pretty new to me still, I quite like it but can’t say I’m near as much a fan of Winter.

I totally forgot to rehost it. Normally I remember but I must have forgot since I had so many tabs up at the time.

Yeah I think that there’s quite a few times you can get a free bomb, but I’m still having trouble getting a feel as to when to bomb and when I should just see how things play out.

I really forgot how helpful it is to know what spell cards are coming up. Even if I don’t have the spell card down if I can get through the first layer or two it helps to maximize my time before bombing, which is really a life saver on the more long winded spell cards that I’d otherwise be forced into bombing a second time.

I felt like stage four was a great deal more difficult then stage five, but that could be that stage five just had patterns that were easier for me to learn. I have to ask if “Illusionary Dominance” is collectible because with my dumb fire I wasn’t getting anywhere close to collecting it before time runs out.

Can’t say I like the continue system as much as I like the EotSD\PCB\IN way. I had quite the time unlocking even stage four with the continue system.



I used to live in Missouri, so I got used to good autumns before moving away.

“Illusionary Dominance” is a survival card, so the only way to capture it (or get through it at all) is to time it out, like with Yuyuko’s “Resurrection Butterfly” or Eirin’s and Kaguya’s Last Spells. You can’t damage it at all. If you can time it out without bombing or dying, it will count it as a capture, though. Usually survival cards are an Extra stage thing, so Aya having one in stage four is pretty unusual.

It always takes a while to get used to switching to a new game, even if you’ve played it before. It’s definitely a good reminder of how important learning what is coming next is. Even things like knowing where enemies spawn in stages helps a lot. I definitely agree about knowing the spell cards. Knowing what you can do reliably and what you can’t, and then learning what parts you can get through before needing to bomb is usually the most efficient way to use bombs.

Stage 4 in MoF is the first place I think the new continue system got problematic and gave me a lot of trouble unlocking a stage. Stage 5 in SA is even worse. Fortunately, I think ZUN switched back to the old continue system with Fairy Wars and everything since then.

artist: 77gl