Congratulations to Marisa on making her way into mainstream sports analysis. Looks like all that time studying at Patchouli’s library has paid off:


Great stuff. I almost forgot about Elly since there’s so little fan art for her. I don’t imagine she did well in this years popularity poll.

Just looking at that reminds me of the pain I felt in IN with Reimu and Yukari.


Apparently Elly got 118th in the latest poll, which I guess isn’t great but it was one spot ahead of Youmu’s mentor, and Youmu is pretty popular, so I guess there is some silver lining by association.  And “Bad Apple!!” is still in the top 100 for the music poll (out of nearly 500 songs), which is pretty good for something from the PC-98 era.

It kind of blows my mind that U.N. Owen and Septet for the Dead Princess still have the top two music spots locked down after all these years.

The demo for Touhou 16 came out this weekend.  After Reisen broke the glass ceiling for youkai as playable characters in the main series entries, Aya and Cirno have now been promoted to PCs.  I’m especially excited about the former since she’s one of my favorite characters.

It looks pretty interesting. Aya’s autumn shot type looks potentially very different from normal Touhou gameplay judging from some early runs I’ve seen, but also potentially a lot of fun.  It has a PCB-like system where collecting special items charges a gauge, which lets you activate a special effect that can give you invulnerability and/or cancel bullets, and it seems to be possible with some planning and good timing to recharge it fast enough to cancel bullets almost constantly at some points, at least on Lunatic.

minusT also recently released a new 3D danmaku animation.  I always like to follow their stuff, and the new one is really good:



Sorry I’ve haven’t been around too much. Been doing a lot of school work lately, but I’ve got a little bit of time since it’s Thanksgiving break.

Hope you’re having a good one. C=

Finally the day has come. I’d love to see some of the older ones make it on there as well.

Hopefully I’ll get sometime to try all these new games when I get done with this semester.


Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully school is going well for you.

I think I saw somewhere that ZUN is open to releasing the older games on Steam as well, but there could be some logistical/compatibility issues, especially with the earlier games. I think they’ve already announced the new fighting game is also coming to Steam at least, and we could start seeing fangames on there now since I think ZUN’s general rule is that any sales outlet used by the official games is fine for fangames as well.

artist: chun lanlanlan


So I was listening to a set on NTS and I heard about a genre called Black MIDI. Turns out that Touhou songs are pretty popular to do.

Maybe not the most pleasant sounding but pretty interesting stuff.




Dongonroompa anybody


Serious lag but it is cool


Whoa, the Wikipedia page even mentions an arrangement of “UN Owen was Her?” as the inspiration for the genre.  I’ve heard the UN Owen remix they mention since it’s kind of famous (at least among Touhou arranges) but didn’t realize it sparked a genre of similar remixes.

It kind of reminds me of a joke video a YouTube pianist (who also happens to be a pretty good Touhou player) made for April Fools this year pantomiming an impossible MIDI/player piano composition:


On the topic of Touhou music, I made an album of Touhou arrangements if anyone is interested:


Man it’s been way too long since I’ve been on here.

I really like Flowering Night and Bad Apple!!

There was some really nice ambient sounds in Bad Apple!! I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that you posted on SoundCloud because I can hear a siren around 2:14 or 2:16 depending on which upload you to listen to.

Keep up the good work man. Looking forward to hearing or see any new art you put out. :blush:


Passing through :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you.

It is the same “Bad Apple!!” recording I posted before, just slightly remixed to touch up a couple places where the tempo started to drift a bit. That probably didn’t add/subtract two seconds, though, so one file may also have an extra bar of silence at the start of the track.