A day late but Happy Presidents day!
Artist: flandre495


That Lincoln drawing really gives me some Len’en Project vibes.

Anyway, if Prince Shoutoku can be a Touhou character, I don’t see why Abe Lincoln can’t.

artist: makuwauni


night of nights!!!

could play un owens was her in guitar


“Flowering Night” in general is one of my favourite Touhou songs (even though I’ve never played Phantasmagoria of Flower View).

I’m not the biggest fan of “UN Owen was Her”, but I’ve heard some really beautiful arrangements of it that make me appreciate it more.  It’s cool you learned how to play it.  There are some really neat melodies in ZUN’s songs that are pretty fun to play.

artist: banbi03050305

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #226
Hey guys, how are you all coping with the cold weather?


I’ve been dealing with it by living in a desert (seriously, it’s been in the 80s here lately).

artist: ZUN


Pretty sure this cold gave me a cold, but I’m pretty much over it by now.
Artist: wool

I’ve mostly been keeping warm with coffee and tea.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #229

Probably my favorite illustration of the Yakumo family. Too bad only a few of his comics are translated.
artist:Hirano Masanori


Got around to painting my keycaps finally. Pretty pleased with the way they came out. Now to see how they paint breaks in.
I’m also planning on making a papercraft to match.


I remember you saying you were planning to do that. It looks pretty nice. I can’t wait to see the new papercraft.

I haven’t played Touhou in a couple months since my computer died and I’ve been on an old laptop with some of the keys (including the down arrow) missing.


I saw a couple pieces of big news recently. First, it looks like Touhou is finally getting a Western release on Touhou 14 already seems to be available for digital purchase on, which I think is also a first for an official Touhou game, and should be available on the English site sooner or later. I don’t know if they are going to release the older games too, but even if it is just the new ones, it will make it a lot more convenient to buy them.

Then it seems ZUN has also announced Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (spoilers for playable characters in that link), which is a bit surprising since the numbering scheme suggested there would probably be a 14.8 before 15 came out. There is a surprise new playable character:

Reisen, which I guess makes sense given the Lunatic theme, but I think other than PoFV, where everyone was playable, and IN, where there were youkai-human teams, she is the first playable non-human in one of the main games since the PC-98 era.



Yeah it was really a pain to purchase the games over here in the states. I still hope to one day see them making their way on Steam even though it may be unlikely.

Also super excited for that new game. I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to see her making it as a playable character. I can already see there being some really cool mechanics for her.

In other news I finally got around to making some caps for my Kickside today.


Those Komeiji caps are really nice. It’s pretty clever to use that iconography for a cap design.

It’s nice having the physical discs, but it really is a pain to import them. Digital distribution will/would be much more convenient.

Yoyofoot should at least be happy with the new playable character, if I remember his character sort results right (I like her quite a bit too).


So…this somehow happened on national television:

Also, DDC is now available for digital purchase.  They’ve also added one fangame so far (Takkoman by illuCalab), and it’s kind of an interesting choice if you were just going to pick one.  Even by Touhou standards, it’s pretty bizarre.


Yeah I saw that! It’s hard to believe that Suika would make it on a sports report of all things.

So does DDC come translated from the start or does it need a patch of sorts? I really should pick this up this weekend when I get some more cash in my checking account.

I may think about Takkoman at some point as well. After watching some game play it looks like it could be a lot of fun.


I thought someone must have just photoshopped a still frame from the show when I first saw it. At least they picked a fighting game character for their segment on boxing.

I haven’t bought DDC yet since I’m still on my old laptop with broken arrow keys, but I’m pretty sure it is just the Japanese version. I assume the fanmade patches would work on it, though.

After a long road trip I finally got around to finishing this.

Did you ever get your keyboard fixed? If not you should consider getting a mechanical keyboard. They are a bit pricey, but the life span and the feel of the keystrokes I think makes it totally worth it.


Looks so good. You into origami or just paper figures?


Thanks. c=

So far I just do figures, but I’ve been meaning to get in to origami. It really seems like something I would like though, thinking back to how I used to fold up all the paper handouts I got back in school. :smiley:


That Yukari papercraft is awesome. The frills in the dress and parasol work really well. I imagine her having a white dress helped a lot with the colouring part of the process (come to think of it, it is a bit odd that almost everyone uses her white dress from IN in fanart instead of her purple one from PCB, though I do like the IN outfit more). You should try origami, you would probably be pretty good at it judging from your papercraft abilities.

I didn’t get the keyboard on my old laptop fixed, but I did replace the battery and hard drive on my other one, and it kind of works now. I need to reinstall Windows on it still, but I have been able to play some of the older games through Wine. I would probably consider getting a mechanical keyboard if I ever get a desktop, but I probably wouldn’t get enough use out of it to justify it for my laptop.

I haven’t tried DDC yet since I tend to have trouble running anything from MoF or newer through Wine, but I did end up buying it, so maybe that will give me a good enough reason to get Windows installed.