TopYo Colossus VI: a Colossus I actually like

I am a fan of TopYo yoyos. I love the Dominator and Silenus. The Colossus, however, was never one of my favorites. The IV disappointed me, and while the V was a small improvement it nevertheless failed to really impress me. Finally, with the Colossus VI TopYo has released a Colossus model I really like a lot.

These yoyos are an example of small incremental changes that eventually result in a winner. The VI has the four characteristics that I look for in a yoyo:

  1. Excellent stability
  2. Good spin speed/power
  3. Tight, snappy binds
  4. A feeling of mass

That last one is hard to describe. I don’t like heavy yoyos, i.e., anything over 66g, but for me to really love a yoyo it has to have a feeling of mass such that when I throw down a simple sleeper it flies down the string and hits the bottom of its travel with a solid, authoritative termination of motion. I hate it when a yoyo feels like it is sliding down the string, coming to a gentle stop at the end of its travel. The Colossus VI delivers that nice, solid, sudden stop that I love. It also feels a lot more stable and seems to spin longer and with more velocity than previous Colossi. Best of all, it isn’t plagued with slippy binds the way the Colossus IV was.

I have not been shy about expressing my lack of enthusiasm for the Colossus yoyos of the past, but with the VI I can unreservedly say it is a yoyo worth adding to one’s collection. At only $28 it is a very good value for your yoyo money.


I never tried any of the others, but the VI can be added to the list of low cost yo-yos that could be the only unresponsive I need (if I was able to restrain my urge to collect everything).


I confess that I like the C3 Cyber Crash a bit more, and if someone had a budget of only $30 I’d steer them towards that first (unless they had an aversion to V-shaped throws). But if they had a budget of $60, I’d suggest to them that rather than getting a single higher-end throw for that money, that they get both a Cyber Crash and a Colossus VI. I feel they’d get a lot more mileage out of those two throws than any single $60 throw I can think of.


I’ll have to look at that one now. :roll_eyes:

Nice review. It does look nice.

I have one on order.

Thank you.

Have you tried the new Colossus VI Max? I’m wondering how they compare if you have tried both. thx

Yes, I have a red one. I like it a lot. It is wider, which helps with stability, and binds aren’t quite as snappy as a regular Colossus VI, but it is probably better for most experienced players since they would probably want binds a little less snappy than the VI anyway.

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Max is on the left. Max is a tiny bit bigger. It feels like the VI but just a tiny bit bigger. I can tell which is which with my eyes closed. Both play very fast, feel super stable to me, and for me, I always get tight binds even when I get a bit wonky. There’s no way to predict which you’d like better. I’m not sure myself!


Thank you for sharing. I am loving the Max I have and was considering getting a VI for my son. He has only been playing a few months but is already at the beginning of Advanced tricks here in the Learn section (he has mastered all intermediate tricks). Sounds like the Max might be a little more stable with the addition width though. Probably can’t go wrong either way, I’m up for suggestions though :wink:

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Max is just a bit bigger in size. At first I wondered what the point was since the numbers were so close but the overall feel is pretty noticeable.

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the VI is such a nice throw for a good price. Really feels like a premium yoyo.