DIVERSE  ANIMALS  presents  nano

(DOGS) #1

Patrick Condon - Diverse Animals


You’re style is crazy (if thats you) its like really mesmerizing and chill i like it.

(DOGS) #3

It is! Thanks!


Cool style for sure! The music matched really well with the trippy direction changes, and that was a really slick stall

(Owen) #5

When is this yo-yo happening? It looks like such a great yo-yo. It looks very reminiscent of the early Crucial delrins that I love.

(DOGS) #6

There’s not really any concrete schedule at this point. They’ll be ready in the future but that’s really all I’m going to say. Sorry!

(Owen) #7

Nah it’s alright! They’ve just been eye-candy for a while and I would like to have one in my mouth.


Your style is sick. Love the pull and direction change tricks.