November. Full video out, in full quality!

(DOGS) #1

Kept this out of the forums until I could be sure the video would actually be up by the time people stopped caring. Just some fun. Mucking around, mostly. This teaser as an excuse to edit while the rest of the clips were importing. Figured it’s worth sharing.

Full (FULL Quality, finally!)

   -Patrick Condon

(DOGS) #2

Decided to just cut my losses and show the low quality version since YouTube keeps screwing up the better one.


You did an awesome job on this!


i like the style you put into this video… it flows with the music nicely, and it was presented very well ;D


(high quality)

(DOGS) #6

Yes, I edited my original post. The delivery of this video was really a disaster. Sorry about that.


That cat reminded me of CarlG’s cat in his pic. Nice flow though, good tricks…at first the video editing caught me off gaurd but then it kinda mellowed out.


Heck yeah man, awesome! It turned out great!


that was awesome, and relaxing.

its great to see some relaxed style, most of the time on videos now days people just do some flashy fast paced combo.

you sir are awesome.


Can you make a tutorial for bre ak punch please ;D




Wow… just wow


Dude you had some sick whips in there. I also am in love with your slow smooth style. These days to many people try to push the yoyo to go as fast as it can.


First, I totally agree with this!

Second, this video is very well edited and put together. Quite enjoyable to watch! :slight_smile:


great job on the edit and song choice, that’s what separates the men from the boys haha. nice combos too man your style flows so well from trick to trick