Whats this talk about something regarding yomega and recreational revolution??

Ah crud. This thread will most likely be punched by a mod but w/e.

A simple google search will do you wonders.


Wow… The nerve of some people…

(In before the lock)

I honestly have no idea what the big deal is, and why mentioning Rec Rev and Yomega elicits a mod lock. Guess I’m just out of the loop.

I understand why the Yomega thing might, mostly because it’s often deteriorated into some pretty mean threads on the topic. Mods usually have to get involved and they’ve found the best solution is to lock it or remove it.

However, we need to move forward and move on, and I think in general we have. My personal opinion on Yomega is that I’m just not really inclined to buy more of their products until I’ve had the opportunity to try them. I had some opportunities to get great deals on the Glide, but in the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to get 2 for the price of 1 even.

This whole Yomega thing took place in 2007. I didn’t get into this until 2011.

I don’t know what the deal with RecRev is. My only gripe with RecRev is they produce great stuff in too small of numbers.

Yeah I just read about the incident and that’s some pretty crazy stuff. The way the topi was worded, though, I thought it was something to do with both of them together, which confused me.

Some people said things like yomega COUGH recrev COUGH

I dont understand… I know recrev got into some stuff when they were first a company… poor shipping and some scams of sorts I believe… but they make some of the best yoyos out there now and are a great company.

As for yomega… why do you care about something that happened in 2007? Unless something else is going on that I dont know about…

You see, i was clueless

I was too about the yomega thing until now… but what kind of "talk’ have you heard recently about either of these issues?

Why recrev, though?

Yeah, I’ve heard nothing bad about RecRev. Just some scams at the beginning then? Any more details on that?

When I heard about all of this, I was around 8 or 9, around 2 years after these incidents happened. Remember, Alex Kim was fairly young back then, I’m pretty sure he was just out of college. Running any company at that age is very stressful, although this is no excuse for scamming people, just remember this before jumping the gun and saying RecRev sucks or anything like that. And the Yomega incident shouldn’t reflect the company’s image. It was the mistake of one idiot, and that idiot just happened to run the company… Ever met Ooch? Nicest guy you’ll ever talk to. And he’s a huge part of Yomega. Don’t let what happened years ago change your opinion on Yomega yoyos. And Greg sent a swat team and bullet proof helicopters? That seems a bit extreme if you ask me…

I am disinclined to believe that, mainly, yoyo wiki, as in, wiki, as in, anyone can edit, as in, this one sentence has a lot of commas.

You can’t deny that the thing at Worlds didn’t hurt Yomega’s reputation though. Even after all these years, just the fact that we are talking about this isn’t really good for Yomega.

This whole time I was thinking yomega did something horrific, but all they did was not sponsor worlds in 07 and sold their yoyos anyways. Honestly doesn’t sound like that bad a of a thing to do compared to some of the things that have happened. Especially since Yoyo wiki even says they rented their own salon. I can’t imagine why anyone would boycott yomega because of something that happened 6 years ago and wasn’t even bad at all.

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I think it’s horrible. All they had to do was make sponsor the contest it was all greed IMO ^^^

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I think the correct way of saying it is “You can’t deny that thing at worlds hurt Yomega’s reputation”. You put “didn’t” before hurt, making a double negative. You don’t seem to get it. And what they did at the time only showed Alann’s immaturity.

In before da lock.

Ancient and outdated news in both cases.
Not worth pursuing or worrying about.

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