Top 10 most LEGENDARY and influential yoyos!

This has been a LONG time coming!
Ever wonder which yoyos could be considered the MOST legendary and influential of the modern yoyo era? I discuss this and go through some history in my new video.
This is a long boi so give yourself some time, sit back and relax, and see if your pick makes the top ten list.

Thank you all for your support :slight_smile:


Great video! Surprised the Hitman wasn’t on the list.


Being so new to yoyo, I love these historical videos. Thanks.

now I need an 888!


Really fun video to watch. It’s wild how well a lot of these yoyos still hold up today. OG Freehands are still super fun, Kamuis are still as awesome as ever to play, and the demand for Sleipnirs/Draupnirs/888s hasn’t seemed to dry up at all. I know tons of people still love playing 2A with modded raiders too. I feel like that’s a testament to how well designed and forward thinking a lot of these picks were.


For me, the three most legendary and influential yoyos are not from the modern era: Imperial, Butterfly, and ProYo. Nearly every yoyo that has come out is based on one of those three. But I understand that the video is only referring to yoyos from the late 1990s onward, and in that context it is interesting to think that the buck stops with the Draupnir.

BTW, they are pronounced Slipe-Neer and Drowp-Neer, not Sleepner and Droppner.


CLYW Peak, YYJ Dark Magic, and as @andy569 said, the YYJ Hitman would have been welcome additions to this list IMO.

I think the biggest omission however would have to be the OD 54, the first yoyo with Side Effects - what I believe to be one of the biggest innovations in modern yoyo technology, as you’re able to change not only the weight of the yoyo, but the aesthetic of it as well. While the 54 itself may not be as popular as some of the others on the list, it’s so important due to the fact that it brought SE’s to the table, which many subsequent legendary yoyos have used for their internals.


No Dif-e-yo?

Thanks for the pronunciation. I have been wondering about that for a while.


I wouldn’t blame you if you chose not to pronounce them properly though. You’ll stand out like some weirdo pronouncing them differently from everyone else. :wink:


Excellent video and very educational! It is pretty amazing how relevant some of these even today.

Great job putting this together. Folks will mention others that they believe are worthy, but these are the ones you find to be worthy and with your history on the art of yo it was a wonderful watch, and great getting your perspective.

Great video Jei.

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Really well made video. Definitely worth the watch.

Fun fact… it was named M1 because metal for everyone


total agree with the No:1 Choice Yomega Fireball / Raider