Tony North's The Turbo Encabulator - Let's Play Yo-Yo - Ep. 003

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey guys! Here is episode 003 where I learned the Turbo Encabulator by Tony North. This was a really fun one to learn, looks crazy but it’s simple in theory. I keep saying that… maybe everything is simple in theory? I also answer a question by Andrew about why he gets knots when binding his yo-yo and then I ask for you to vote on one of three tricks for me to learn in episode 004. :slight_smile: Thanks for watching!


These videos are awesome, I look forward to seeing more : )


I like it :slight_smile: your always very relaxed and chilled ;D


Cool video. I also liked that little “flip over” bind variation; hadn’t occurred to me to do that. :wink:

That trick is a beast of a trick, eh? Wow. Watched both your video and Tony’s original and it just blows my mind.

Looking forward to the next video!

(MikeMonty) #5

GregP, andy569, and turtleyo, thank you for your comments and kind words :slight_smile: It makes it far more enjoyable to abuse myself with these tricks when folks like you let me know I’m doing good :slight_smile: Thank you for watching and commenting!


Awesome trick, I learned it too ;D

(MikeMonty) #7

That’s great dude! :smiley: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :slight_smile:

So everyone voted on the uber hard Paprika trick… This next video blog might take a hot second to make hahaha