tombstones back to sell ! !


tombstones back from the grave…to sell?

yoyofactory rockstar (mint) color green and yellow price 110 bucks

mini star (mint) color purple and black price 110 bucks

yoyofactorys glow in the dark yoyo price 90 bucks

i love yoyo fury (mint) color red price 110 bucks


k few things 1 what is a tombstone and how much and pics 2 and this is just my opinion but 110 is a lot to ask for a ministar 3 yyf glow yoyo is either a glow dienasty or starlite and there worth 25 bucks not even close to 90 unless u can prove me wrong 4 pics please 5 these are all my opinions so dont take em too serioulsy im just tryin to help happy throwing

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a tombstone is what they put on your grave when you die…

you do need pics.

but don’t question his business moves, if he’s offering a price, don’t call him out on it. PM him if your concerned.


true i shouldent question his judgement on price but i was only tryin to help and i thoght tombstones were a name of a yoyo he made so yeah sorry tombstone and joshhh

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